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Webspace 2010

Webspace 2010 released, Webspace 2011 release due in 2nd Quarter 2011.

The Hot List

The hot list can act as a To DO list for projects, with optional action by and due by dates. Export the hot list in csv format at the click of a button.

Print as pdf

Minutes of meetings and any other type of message can now be printed as a pdf document. Click on the print as pdf icon to open the pdf for printing. Messages can also be printed in more formal letter format (available to the author only) complete with your company logo and an area to add your signature. For a new message, check the "Print as letter" checkbox to open in a letter format after sending.

Cleaner Notifications

Notifications from the site will now look much simpler, being sent in HTML. The subject line of the messages now identifies the type of message, for example an RFI includes "RFI" in the subject

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